The sleep deprived mom chronicles

2015-11-12 21.36.27

Since autumn arrived my kids have gotten sick more times than I care to admit. And it is only November 12th. It is so hard for my boys because they have bronchial flare-ups. My oldest son Vincie has had them since he was born and Noah is proving to have inherited the bronchial flare-ups, too. It’s so hard lying here right now, listening to their noisy breathing. No wheezing thankfully, and I know they’re both getting plenty of oxygen, but I just hate to see them uncomfortable. Both of my boys should technically be my healthiest, being Breastfed 32 months between the two of them (and counting). However, you can’t fight genetics. As a kid I suffered terribly with the same affliction. The sound of the humidifier pumping steam into my bedroom is forever ingrained in my memory. I loathe cold and flu season because my boys are especially vulnerable. Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day!

Another thing keeping me from sleep these days is the fact I have been summoned for jury duty. As a Stay at home mom, my job is to be with my kids. I have sent in a request for an excusal, so all I can do I hope and pray that they grant it. Otherwise I’ll be forced against my will to pay a stranger 10/12 dollars an hour, full time, for a month…while earning a mere $15 a day. It would be a huge financial setback, and during my oldest son’s birthday, and Christmas. My fingers are crossed the courts will see it my way…

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