Mamarazzi Diaries

The reason I chose my blog name “Mamarazzi Blog” is because as time has passed my passion for photography turned into a passion for photographing my children. I always feel like the paparazzi, constantly following them around & snapping their photos as they do anything and everything! Taking portraits with a toddler is no easy task. We tried so hard to get a good photo of my Noah today. I did manage to get one very cute one, but his hands are cut off in the photo. I really enjoy photography. It began as a career path, but 3 kids later & it’s more of a hobby & a way to document my children’s milestones through the years. After baby number three, it is harder than ever to get the opportunity to get my DSLR out. Here are today’s attempts…I know I am biased, but aren’t my kids so freaking cute!?

IMG_0261 IMG_0259 IMG_0260 IMG_0262 IMG_0263

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