Photo of the Week!

FB_IMG_1450997614597My favorite photo this week is this photo of my 3 kids on Christmas Eve. As a tradition, they open their Christmas pajamas after dinner christmas eve. This year I was able to get them matching PJs:) I rarely get a photo of the 3 of them together. Mainly because of their age differences, it’s hard to get them together.

This week has obviously been a little hectic for me. I had my mom here, and then my dad, step mom and little sisters, and then Christmas a couple of days after. So my blogging schedule has been out of whack. I have all 3 of my kiddos home with me for another week, but I plan to work on some things with them for my blog. Plus, big things in store for Mamarazzi Blog in 2016! Stay tuned:)

Photo of the Week

The photo of the week this week has to be this one of my oldest son Vincie today. He has been growing out his hair for weeks to get the top long enough for this rockabilly haircut! I absolutely love it on him, and it makes him look like a miniature little man! His perfectly coiffed hair makes him look like Clark Kent! Also, this little man of mine is turning SIX on Tuesday! He is growing up so fast!


Photo of the Week! (11/15/15)

CameraZOOM-20151115200804815It has been a rough week with my 14 month old being sick. The top photo is my daughter Alana playing a Sesame Street episode for Noah, to make him feel better (while waiting for his motrin to take effect, as his temp had climbed to 104 as you can tell by his flushed cheeks). The bottom photo is my oldest son Vincie cuddling with his baby brother to make him feel better! I couldn’t possibly choose between the two photos…and it shows just how our week has been…so I made them into one photo!

See you next week with another photo!

Photo of the Week!


This week’s photo of the week winner is: Noah messing with momma’s curtains! He knows he’s not allowed to mess with my curtains, so he looked at me as if to say, “What do you think you’re going to do about it!?” Lol. He has such a big personality! This is a daily thing for us, which is why I have to pin them up every morning…lol.

Crazy Photo of the Week (Sunday)!

IMG_38821I officially nominate this photo to be my craziest photo of the week! This was last night when we came home after trick-or-treating for 4.5 miles. My almost 6 year old son, Vincie, sat down to drink his homemade hot cocoa with homemade whipped cream and it was still too hot  (despite the ice cube being in it) and the look on his face as the photo was taken was just priceless! I actually think my friend Sarah’s mom, Donna, is the one who took this one! It looks like a “Got Milk?” ad lol. He was Batman for Halloween and his dad put makeup around his eyes for the cool superhero effect, and his makeup was a hot mess by this time! LOL! I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do!

Week 1 Photo of the Week


Each Sunday I will upload a photo of the week (POTW). This is my first POTW, so naturally it should be a family portrait. I am in need of a new family portrait because this one was taken exactly a year ago! Noah (the baby) is huge now! So I nominate this photo as my POTW winner! And hopefully it will motivate me to get it together & get a new portrait…maybe my POTW for week 2 will be our new portrait?? We shall see!!