DIY: Christmas Ornament Decorating

This week we decorated our salt dough Christmas ornaments! We used acrylic paint, glue, and glitter.

2015-12-05 20.40.35

2015-12-05 20.42.14

2015-12-05 20.43.492015-12-05 20.45.262015-12-05 20.46.172015-12-05 20.47.52

Alana using crafting ribbon to hang the ornaments on the tree!
2015-12-05 20.49.43Noah’s little handprint! 
2015-12-05 20.54.30

So my final conclusion is that it was fun. I would gladly do it again. More than anything, this will be a memory that will last a lifetime. It was a great bonding experience with my kids for 2 weekends in a row:)

How to Make a Tornado in a Jar!


Tonight’s experiment was so fun for the kids! Basically you vigorously swirl the jar to create cintrifugal motion. It is actually quite amazing how defined the tornado was! Our first try didn’t work because we used a tad too much soap. You need the smallest drop you can produce and then you’re in business! Watch the video to see how it’s done!

My most treasured photos…

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I wanted to share with you all my most treasured photos that I carry with me on my phone! I have them all saved in clouds, computes, phones, tablets, and hard drives. The first two are my older two kids Christmas portraits that I took in 2012. Next is my older kids holding their new baby brother in 2014. Then a photo I took of my daughter at her Christmas concert for school last year. She looks stunning in the photo and it truly captivated her beauty. Next is a photo I found of my daughter when she was only 3 years old (I treasure this photo so much because it is SO her at that age…back when she was an only child; a true princess). Next is a random candid photo of me and my husband at our wedding in 2005, both of us look so young! Then there is my youngest Noah on his 1st birthday a couple of months ago. And lastly…an irreplaceable photo that I treasure so much of my brother Mike and I dancing to Coldplay’s “Fix You” on my wedding day. I remember everything about this moment…the way the crisp autumn air smelled, the pride I felt when my big brother asked to cut-in and dance with me at my wedding, and that comforting/safe feeling that I felt when hugging him. My brother passed away just over 4 years after this photo was taken. Someday soon I will write about him because I have SO MUCH to say…about the grieving process, being a bereaved sibling, and so much more. This January will be 6 years since I lost my only brother! This photo of us is my favorite of us as adults…

3 sick kids for Halloween?

Being home with 3 sicks kids all day certainly keeps you on your toes all day! Strep throat has made its way through 4/5 members of my family. I appear to be the only one spared…finally, something good comes out of getting a tonsillectomy at the age of 30! When I had my tonsillectomy I was cursing my doctor for suggesting I need to have it done, and I was questioning WHY would a person ever get their tonsils removed as an adult, for the love of god! However, today was the first time in 4 years that I was glad I did. While it’s not impossible to get strep throat, it is certainly more difficult…I’ve been in closed quarters all week exposed to strep and never got it. Yay me! My poor family though! Even the baby has strep! My other two didn’t get it until they were 5. My 9 year old daughter has had a fever of 103 and the lowest its gone down to after ibuprofen was 100.5. So my husband and my 2 boys are on amoxicillin 3 times a day, and my daughter (who is allergic to amoxicillin like I am) is on essentially the liquid equivalent of the Z pack. She had a double dose tonight. Other than that I have made some preparations for our halloween party tomorrow. I made rice crispy treats and homemade spiced whipped cream for the homemade slow cooker hot cocoa i am making tomorrow for trick-or-treat. It will take more than a fever and a strep diagnosis to keepbmy kids from trick-or-treating. Although they will no longer be contagious, I hope they are feeling up to it. In order to submit this blog on time (before midnight) I will end this here. Until tomorrow…